28 Side Hustles for College Students (Make It Rain)

Curious about how students can find the extra cash? There are tons of ways to make some quick bucks on campus. But with this list of 28 side hustles, you’ll find something you can do in your spare time to make some quick cash. 

The options range from tutoring kids, uber driver, or working for Amazon. Check out this list with suggestions from seasoned college students, and these creative endeavors will give you new opportunities and help smooth any financial gaps when school takes over our lives.

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Side Hustle Definition

*Side hustle – defined simply as “an additional source of income created outside one’s regular occupation.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Americans are spending more time on their technology or gadgets, which means they’re looking for help managing emails and scheduling and organizing their online lives. 

If you’re a college student with spare time and computer skills, what better side hustle is there than becoming a virtual assistant? 

You can work with busy professionals or business owners as they struggle to keep up with the demands of their online lives. They’ll notice your efforts and pay you for it – how could you say no?

2. Tutor Children: Online and Offline

You can make extra money, and it can be done online and offline. If you’re a college student who might be dealing with time management issues, teach children online or at their homes. 

You can teach in a one-on-one setting and use your equipment to teach their kids with the peace of mind that they’re with someone available and accountable.

3. Set Up House Sitting on Craigslist

In a college town, apartments are constantly opening up right around move-in day.

4. Develop Your Speaking Skills: Online Discussions and Groups

If you’re a good writer, you’ll likely get noticed by your voice or writing style. Sites such as Quora or Stack Exchange allow you to build up your online presence while simultaneously earning some extra cash. 

These sites offer monetary rewards for answering questions, and the more answers you provide that get positive responses, the more money you make. 

You can also advertise yourself or your business through your website.

5. Write Articles for Print Magazines

Whether you’re a journalism major or enjoy writing, writing articles for print magazines is a fun way to build up your portfolio while making some money on the side. 

You can write pieces on new technology, social trends, or how-to articles on personal finance. This side hustle is best for college students who want to write and don’t mind rejection or working in a relatively competitive environment.

6. Invest in Mutual Funds: College Edition

18 years of age is required to invest, so this idea is perfect for older college students or recent graduates. You can purchase shares of mutual funds or ETFs and allow the investments to grow over time. 

The more you put into your investments, the more you can potentially accumulate and profit from later in life.

7. Learn the Art of Investing

You don’t have to invest in mutual funds or ETFs to start making money with investments. 

The art of investing isn’t as difficult as you would imagine, and there are plenty of online resources to help you get started.

You’ll also find that most sites that teach investing use a combination of visual charts and text to break down the concepts, making them easy for even a beginner investor to understand. Take advantage of the opportunity.

8. Sell Your Skills on E-Bay

E-Bay is a popular website for selling stuff to other people. However, if you’re a regular reader of How to Make Money Blogging, you’re well aware of various ways to make money on eBay.

If you’re interested in selling things online, there are several ways to do so. You can sell your skills for a commission, find items with multiple buyers or try selling your unique items.

9. Sell Your Spare Time

You may not sell spare time on eBay, but you can sell it for other people. Websites such as UpWork are perfect for college students looking to make money online through their spare time. 

You can work with businesses to provide your services or learn new skills to turn into extra income. The options are endless!

10. Spread the Word About Your Blog or Youtube Channel

If you’re not sure how to start a blog, then consider becoming a blogger. Blogging is a great way to stay informed on the news and to spread your words and thoughts out to the world. 

You can use your blog or Youtube channel to promote yourself, gain revenue, and gain followers. It’s an excellent way to build up your social media presence while earning some extra money.

11. Sell Your Photos on Stock Photo Sites

If you enjoy taking pictures, then selling your photos online is a great way to make money. You can sell your photos at several sites, including Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and DepositPhotos. Just make sure that you provide high-quality images and conditions for them to be used.

12. Become a Facebook Fan Page Manager: Online and Offline

If you have a well-known Facebook page or group that your classmates want to access, you can become their fan page manager. This side hustle can be done online or offline, but it’s best suited for college students who have the time to dedicate to their Facebook page. The better you can engage your followers, the more money you can make.

13. Become a Social Media Influencer: Online and Offline

If you have a solid reputation on social media or a group of Facebook friends that follow your posts, then becoming a social media influencer could be right up your alley. 

If you’re willing to offer your product or service for free, you could earn some money through various endorsements.

14. Take on Fashion Blogging: Online and Offline

If you love fashion or makeup, becoming a fashion blogger can be a lucrative way to make money online. You can create your blog and solicit subscribers to see new outfits, products, and makeup techniques. The possibilities are endless,

15. Pet Sitter 

If you enjoy pets, then pet sitting might be right for you. Since people are always looking for someone to take care of their pets daily, this could be an excellent method to make some money on the side while gaining lasting friends and relations in the process.

16. Grocery Shopper 

If you live near a grocery store where groceries are in high demand, you might want to explore being a supermarket shopper.

For example, if your home is close to a college campus or town, you can buy items in bulk and sell them at local grocery stores.

17. Host Online Parties 

If you have a background in hosting parties or have experience selling things online, hosting online parties is the perfect way to use your skills for profit. You can host the party on Facebook or through Skype.

18. Set Up House Sitting on various advertising website

In a college town, apartments are constantly opening up right around move-in day. If you’re willing to pay rent, then you can find a roommate and make some cash. 

Some apartment complexes will also allow students to set up house-sitting gigs in exchange for rent.

19. Sell College Recycling Services

 If you love what you do, then selling recycling services might sound like a good idea. College campuses have tons of garbage that needs to be removed from the dorms and juniors’ rooms during move-out days.

20. Uber driver 

If you have a car or can afford to get one, then becoming an Uber driver is your next potential side hustle. Especially during move-in days, there are tons of new students looking for rides. By signing up to be an Uber driver, you’ll get paid for driving college students around.

21. Sell Your Extra Textbooks on Amazon

College textbooks can be expensive, and they are often entirely irrelevant for your chosen coursework after the first semester anyway. You can sell your extra textbooks online in several ways, including selling them on Amazon with a marketplace listing. 

22. Become a Personal Shopper

 If you have a physical storefront or shop at local stores, then becoming a personal shopper could be right for you. Not only does this give you an income from clothing and accessories, but it also allows you to teach people about shopping in high-demand stores without having to move there yourself.

23. Food delivery

Drivers like UberEats (DoorDash), InstaCart, etc., offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs because they only need 20+ hours per week minimum. You get paid $15-$25/hour delivering food from restaurants’ kitchens all over town right into hungry customers’ hands.

24. Become a Book Publisher 

If you enjoy creating art, becoming a book publisher is a great way to turn your hobby into a profit. You can get paid if the book sells well or if your book is popular at local events. If it’s a specific hobby, this could be a valid side hustle if it’s something you already love doing. It’s important to have sales goals or business goals before going with this option, though.

25. Become An Amazon Associate

Work For Amazon as a driver, warehouse employee, or process food orders for Amazon Fresh Pickup orders in your spare time.

26. Become a Professional Organizer

This is another great side hustle that can be done online or offline. It’s also an excellent option for people looking to get out of the corporate ladder and start working for themselves. 

If you have a proven method of organizing or special talent for organizing, then you could make some extra funds on the side by becoming an online professional organizer. If you already work with clients, then this is something you can offer them as an added feature.

27. Become a Bookkeeper

If you’re great with numbers, then this might be the perfect side hustle option for you. As long as you have experience keeping books, then this could be something that suits your skills. You can work online or offline, but either way, you’ll need to prove that you know how to keep books before getting any clients.

28. Freelance Proofreader 

Proofreading offers an opportunity to freelance from home, making money by reading over documents for potential errors or mistakes before being printed.

In Conclusion, There Are Endless Side Hustles and Micro Jobs That You Can do to Make Extra Money. Having a side job is a terrific way to save for emergencies and future needs without taking out loans and thousands of dollars in student debt.

While there are many excellent side hustle opportunities, these are some of the greatest methods to generate money online as a student or young professional.

As long as you can perform the work and meet deadlines, it should be easy to earn extra money from home.

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