Bachelor Degree In Counseling Psychology (Program Info)

Counseling psychology is a booming field. With the increasing complexity of society, people are turning to counseling for help with their problems as they realize that it can be more effective and enforcement when dealing these complicated issues such as relationship breakdowns due personal trauma in childhood; financial hardships because someone lost their job; addiction recovery from drugs/alcoholism and much more.

A bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology will allow you to work with individuals and families to address mental health needs that they may be struggling with.

What Is Counseling Psychology?

Counseling psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. Counselors help individuals, families, couples, or groups with various problems to improve their well-being. A degree in counseling psychology prepares graduates for careers as therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychologists.

How Many Years To Complete Bachelor’s degrees in counseling psychology?

*Bachelor’s degrees in counseling psychology can range from four to six years.

*Before you start your degree, make sure that the program is accredited by a major mental health organization such as the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). This ensures that the program meets a minimum standard of excellence.

*Bachelor’s degrees in counseling psychology cover many different areas, including child and adolescent, college, community, health care, and clinical mental health.

*Some programs allow students to choose a specialty such as substance abuse and behavioral addiction, military, school, or family counseling.

The bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology is a four-year course that prepares students for careers as counselors and therapists. It provides an interdisciplinary approach towards understanding the psychological, social, and biological bases of human behavior. 

The program also examines how these factors relate to mental health and well-being, such as stress management, anxiety disorders, or depression.

Many people believe that when pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology, you’ll work with troubled children or adults. While this is certainly an area where professionals in the fieldwork, there are several other areas where demand exists for your services.

Entry Level Jobs In For Psychology Bachelors

Here are a few of the highest in-demand jobs in this field:

#Career Counselor – Using your skills from having a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology, you will be able to help others find the right career fit or change careers themselves. Many people will experience midlife crises and need somebody to guide them through it.

#School Counselor – An estimated 2.3 million students in the United States will need guidance or counseling services in the next few years, and this field is constantly growing. 

School counselors help students with difficulties in school related to their learning disabilities, behavioral problems, or low motivation in schoolwork.

#Social Worker – This is typically a staff member in mental health or social service agency that uses counseling techniques to assist people with personal problems and social issues. Their job usually requires a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

#Marriage and Family Therapist – The need for marriage and family therapy is close to a shortage, so this is an excellent career to have. Marriage and family therapists help couples experiencing marital issues or people going through divorce or separation. 

They also assist non-married couples with questions about their relationships, finances, day-to-day life, and other personal issues.

# Rehabilitation Counseling: This is typically a staff member of a rehabilitation facility or social service agency who assists people with disabilities and physical, mental, and emotional problems. This is also a growing field with an expected 4% growth rate by 2024.

#Alcohol and Drug Counselor – Most people who need this kind of help are men between 18-25 years old. If you just earn your bachelor degree in counseling psychology, you can apply to become an intern for this type of work.

#School Psychologist – Schools hire these specialists to perform a variety of duties. They help with the student’s mental health, counsel teachers and staff members on professional development, and provide testing services. This is another growing field that is expected to have a 5% increase in employment and a 4% increase in jobs.

# School Psychologist Assistant – Master’s degree will usually suffice for a school psychologist assistant. You can become a school psychologist assistant without a master’s degree, but it will be a step down from the previous position you took on.

#Family Therapist Assistant – Preferably, you should have your bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before becoming an MFT assistant.

#Substance Abuse Counselor – Helping people who have problems with drugs and alcohol is a very hot field right now. 

You can get a career in this industry without a master’s degree, but it will be much easier if you have one.

Before you begin, there are numerous things you should be aware of, just as there are in any other career. You should know that counseling psychologists are expected to have the following characteristics:

Skills Needed For Psychology

-Highly organized, both in their work and in their personal lives

-Excellent listening skills and interest in others’ issues due to the close contact they have with people who need therapy

-Well versed in administering psychological tests and interpreting results to help clients achieve personal goals

-Good problem-solving skills which will help them be successful in this profession.

-They should be able to listen and talk to kids and adults, and they must be compassionate to everyone.

-They should enjoy helping people learn about themselves and work to accomplish goals.

There is a lot of training involved with this profession to ensure you can do your job correctly. First, an aspiring counselor should earn a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology from a reputable school. It will prepare them to sit for the licensure exam and give them the knowledge base necessary to succeed at their job.

For those without a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology, they could pursue a master’s degree. 

There are numerous specializations available in the field of psychology.

For example, you can choose to focus on marriage and family therapy, counseling children, gerontology (work with the elderly), and school and career counseling to name a few. There is not any job requirement for licensure, but your chances of getting hired will be much higher if you have your educational credentials completed.

Areas Of Specialization In Psychology

Many professional organizations offer training and certification programs to help you become a counselor. 

If you would like to get paid to go back into the classroom, this is one of the best careers for you. This is also a growing profession because more students are graduating with counseling psychology degrees than employment opportunities. 

If you are considering starting the counseling study program, you should know that there are over 1,000 schools offering MSW and LCSW programs throughout the US. 

In Conclusion

While the continuing education requirements vary from state to state, therefore you must check with your own state’s board. You must also be sure about their specific rules and regulations before enrolling in any courses and finding the right program for you.

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