Bachelor Of Architecture Degree

The Bachelor of Architecture degree is a program that includes courses in architecture, building construction, and design. The coursework culminates with a final project designed by the student. This project is commonly referred to as a thesis or senior design project.

What Is a Bachelor of Architecture Degree?

A bachelor of architecture degree gives students a strong foundation in design and the basic concepts involved with designing buildings. 

Some schools will focus on hands-on construction, while others will be more theory-based. The programs are coordinated with schools of engineering because all buildings are designed with some form of structure.

A bachelor’s degree in architecture is required to become an architect, urban planner, or civil engineer. 

Though not required, this degree will give you a strong footing in the field and set you apart from candidates who have only built upon their general education background to achieve success. It can also help your overall job prospects within the field.

Bachelor of Architecture degree Courses

Here are some courses that may be covered in a Bachelor of Architecture degree:

Surveying and measuring: You’ll learn how to determine the boundary lines of a piece of land and measure standards such as angles and grades. 

This course will also teach you about calculating areas and volumes. Some classes will include learning how to determine the coordinates and dimensions of a design. 

You could also take courses on characterizing soil layers, making topographical maps, gathering field data, and using geographic information systems (GIS).

Professional communication: This course is the same as communication skills, a significant study in many bachelor’s degree programs. 

You will learn how to present your ideas clearly and address concerns. Another component of this class involves finding resources and information for your projects.

Cross-cultural communication: This course involves interacting with people from other countries through different communication styles. You’ll also learn about various cultures and how they might affect a project’s design.

Project design: You’ll typically take several courses that will allow you to develop your projects in the latter half of your degree. You will learn real-world experience in planning, designing, and constructing a project.

There are various steps to get this degree, depending on how you’re choosing to study. Some schools will focus more on math and science, while others will focus more on the arts part of the architecture.

Masters Thesis: Some schools will require you to write a thesis, so you have some real-world experience before getting your Bachelor of Architecture. You may also need to take the graduate architectural design exam to get your Master’s in architecture. 

There are several options available for this course, including distance learning, online classes, and on-campus programs.

Studio courses: This class is where you’ll learn how to use tools, materials, and equipment as you put your studies into practice. 

You will have a project that you need to complete as a group. You can work with different tools and equipment in this class, such as bulldozers, backhoes, compressors, and cranes.

Certification exams: You may have to take two tests after you complete your bachelor’s degree. The first one is the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) which is a test that will determine what level of experience you have. 

You’ll also need to take the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE-2) if you want to practice as an architect in some states, such as Massachusetts, Maryland, and West Virginia. Both are offered twice a year, so be aware of the dates.

What is the starting salary for an Architect?

Starting salary for architecture jobs can range from $55,000 to $87,500 per year. The median salary is about $82,000 per year. 

One of the reasons that architects tend to make more money than most other professions is because they don’t require certification. A bachelor’s degree usually isn’t necessary to get into an architecture school.

The starting salary for an architect depends on your experience and the company. Some companies may pay you more than others based on your education or work experience. Other factors, such as where you live, could impact your salary. 

If you want to earn more than $80K per year, focus on getting a degree from one of the country’s well-known architecture schools that will give you the best training for landing higher-paying jobs.

How Can I Become an Architect if I Don’t Have A Bachelor’s Degree?

Many people who want to become an architect have their high school diplomas. However, this may limit your job prospects in some regions of the country. Just like there are states requiring construction workers’ certification, architects also can’t work in some states without passing state exams. 

If you want to become an architect but don’t have the degree needed for entry-level positions. In that case, you should consider obtaining your education through an apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships or internships may be an excellent way to become a licensed architect. However, this path will take you much longer. You can also get a degree in architecture without getting your license. This way, you can find your career path through an apprenticeship program. 

States like New York and California will permit you to take the exams without obtaining a degree from an accredited school. In other states, however, you must get your degree from an accredited school or college.

How Do You Become an Architect?

Getting your education is the number one step in becoming an architect. It will require that you to enroll in an undergraduate program to get your Bachelor of Architecture degree. 

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to take the Architect Registration Exam (ARE-2) and earn your license if you want to work in these areas. You can also get additional licenses in some states, such as California and New York.

Architects also need to achieve their Master’s degree in architecture. It is an optional step that can assist you in completing more complex or advanced tasks.

You can take this course after you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree. It typically requires about three years of full-time study. Some programs may require students to write a thesis, while others will take exams instead of writing a thesis.

Are You Good at Math and Science?

Architects must be skilled in math and physics, as well as have a strong artistic sense.

If you’re good at math, you’ll need to know how to design buildings that are structurally sound without taking too much time or money into account.

It can assist you with making buildings that look realistic. On the other hand, consider pursuing a different profession if you know how to work with math but aren’t interested in working in this field.

Is A Degree to Become an Architect?

Some people think that architects need a degree from an accredited college or university to become one. However, this isn’t always true. You can become an architect without a degree if you’ve achieved the necessary qualifications.

You will need to have a license in some states as part of their apprenticeship/internship program. In contrast, others only require a degree if they plan on testing your knowledge after you’ve completed your coursework.

Is a License Required to Become an Architect?

If you want to become a licensed architect, you’ll need to meet the requirements set by your state. Most states require you to have a degree from an accredited school to get your license. 

In addition, many states won’t let you become a licensed architect until you’ve passed the ARE exams. 

The Architect’s Board of Registration (ARB) and the National Council Of Architectural Registration Boards administer a series of tests that aspiring architects must pass. 

Many states use these exams in their licensing requirements for architectural design professionals. They offer great insight into one’s ability to think critically about architecture while studying beforehand.

University of Arizona Online Architecture

It has one of the best programs in the United States for people who want to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture, have a professional education, and develop a career. 

Students have the opportunity to earn Bachelors of Arts degrees in specific courses. It allows them to pursue careers in real estate, project management, fabrication design, and fabrication design.

The students who attend this school pay around $13,000 per year for tuition. In addition, most graduates leave the school with a job offer or a graduate internship with a company interested in hiring architects. 

Some students may even complete their studies and start working before graduating from the program offered through the College of Landscape Architecture.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Professional Architect?

Three-Four years. You can become a licensed architect after you’ve earned your undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona. 

You can also take accredited courses through another school that will allow you to become a licensed architect after earning your undergraduate degree. 

In addition, if you’re looking to get hired as an architect, it may take you longer to become a professional. Most companies will only hire professionals if they’re confident that the hiring person is hiring for their specific needs.

Is the University of Arizona online accredited?

Yes. It is accredited by (NCAS)North Central Association of Colleges & Schools. 

Also, the school is regionally accredited even though it offers classes online. This makes the courses just as valid as they are if you were attending classes in person.

If you’re interested in getting your degree from this school, be sure to ask the admissions counselor about any limitations you may have on how far away you can live from campus or if you need to transfer credits from another institution.

What type of architecture degree should you get?

To be a great architect, you’ll need to get an education from an accredited school. This is to ensure that you get a lot of practical experience through real-world projects. In addition, if you want to get hired as an architect, you’ll need a degree from an accredited school. 

Many companies won’t hire someone for this type of position unless they have graduated from a school that’s been accredited by the right organizations. In addition, you’ll need education from an accredited school to become a licensed architect. 

If you’re interested in getting an architecture degree, be sure to ask the university what kinds of classes they offer and how long it will take to complete the coursework for the degree.


Ultimately, the right school will offer a great deal of structure for their bachelor of architecture degree curriculum. It also gives students the freedom to design their projects from time to time. 

The most important thing for a student interested in pursuing a career in architecture is to find a school that will allow them to dive into real-world experiences and what steps to take to succeed in this competitive field.

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