Best Jobs In Artificial Intelligence (Get Ahead of The AI Wave)

How many of us have dreamed about the day when robots and artificial intelligence replace our work?  

As AI becomes more advanced, some jobs may not be up to snuff for the robot takeover. What will we do if all of our choices are taken away from us? 

That’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of the curve! In this article post, we look at 17 careers in Artificial Intelligence that you should consider building on today.

These jobs range from software engineer to data scientist and can be found all over the world! However, robotics engineers are in demand more than ever before.

Quality Engineer, Amazon – $189K Salary

Quality engineers need to create detailed instructions for the robot or machine they are programming. Without clear specifications, even a small mistake could cause harm to humans and expensive damage to machines. 

Quality engineering is an integral part of AI development because it will be important in ensuring that future robots/machines do not make mistakes.

Software Engineer- $90K – 100K Salary

A software engineer’s job is much different than what many people would think. 

Instead of just coding all day long, these professionals spend their time testing code and managing projects as well. 

There are ample aspects at play when developing new technology, which is why this type of specialization can lead you down extremely varied career paths, such as user experience (UX) design, business strategy, and project management.

Data Scientist- $109K Salary

A data scientist’s job is to organize vast amounts of information into understandable forms useful for managers or other decision-makers in a company. 

One major factor is to help the organization make informed decisions using predictive analytics, insights from large data sets, and such as customer histories, weather patterns, social media trends, etcetera. 

Data scientists work with everything from statistical analysis to machine learning and AI software development. They are critical members of any team at an organizational level because their skillset provides many different resources in one person.

Robotics Engineer- $69K Salary

A robotics engineer is an expert in building and programming intelligent machines. It’s a fast-growing field with skyrocketing demand for professionals who can help develop the next generation of automated systems.

McKinsey predicts that AI has great potential for boosting productivity through automation and freeing up time for employees who supervise AI applications, which may lead to new career opportunities or even promotions within your current company.

Lead Data Scientist, General Electric – $134K Salary 

A lead data scientist typically has a lot of experience in the field and is responsible for training, directing, coaching, and mentoring junior-level staff.

They also are expected to provide leadership by identifying business needs and implementing solutions that will make GE more competitive in its marketplace.

Lead Robotics Engineer – $91K Salary

Suppose you’re looking for a management position within artificial intelligence or robotics engineering. In that case, this job might be perfect for you.

 As a leader on your team, you’ll need to work with your coworkers to guide the development of new projects and provide technical guidance. 

As a lead engineer in this field, you will likely be junior training members on using tools like C++ or Python, depending on what project they are working on at GE (for example).

Senior Research Scientist (Machine Learning) SpaceX – $146K 

As a Senior Research Scientist for a company like SpaceX, you’ll be working on machine learning and AI software development.

 This means that your job will encompass everything from autonomous robotics to aerospace engineering- to help people explore space using these groundbreaking technologies. (You might even get to work alongside Elon Musk himself (if he’s into it).

Principal Data Scientist/Expert (Data Science), Uber -$144K 

As a Principal Data Scientist with Uber, you’ll be responsible for providing leadership in data science and cross-functional projects that help the company grow. 

You have to make sure all of your work meets the highest standards, so it’s as good or better than what competitors are doing. AI is becoming more important every day, which means this is an especially competitive position.

Scientist Head of AI, Tesla – $147K Salary

Tesla is another company that has to think about artificial intelligence and data science for its business model to succeed.

They are the only electric car manufacturer on earth, which means their success depends heavily on innovations like self-driving technology in the future. If your goal is to be management position in this field, Tesla is the place to go.

Manager, Deep Learning R&D Team (Oracle) -$130K 

As a manager for Oracle’s Deep Learning R&D team, your job would be to supervise the activities of others and provide direction. 

It is an advantage if you are versed in computer science or mathematics; according to McKinsey, “companies that invest heavily in AI reap rewards from smarter decision making across marketing, sales, supply chain, and R&D.”

Research Scientist (Systems), Amazon – $115K salary

If the technical side of artificial intelligence sparks your interest, then this might be your perfect job. 

As a Research Scientist with Amazon, you’ll work on systems that help people make better decisions- which is an important part of AI.

You would have to train and guide junior staff members and provide leadership by identifying business needs and implementing solutions that will make GE more competitive in its marketplace.

Principal Scientist, Google – $144K salary

In this position at Google, you would be responsible for developing and implementing cutting-edge AI technologies to improve the company’s products and services.

 This means that your job is pretty much only working on artificial intelligence. You must have expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning to apply.

Machine Learning Engineer, Apple – $112k salary

As a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple, you would be responsible for developing products to improve customer experience by using artificial intelligence.

You work on anything from creating new algorithms to build an efficient system that auto-detects problems in data centers and coming up with ways Google can make its AI more accurate and powerful.

Research Scientist, Google – $144K salary

As a Research Scientist with Google, you’ll be in charge of researching artificial intelligence and deep learning. 

This is an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the field while working on cutting-edge projects inside one of America’s most innovative companies. 

The minimum experience in that field is 15 years as a researcher in deep learning, including a Ph.D. and publication history to qualify for this position.

Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning), Facebook – $132K salary

As a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook, you’ll be responsible for machine-learning projects that will make it easier for people what they care about. 

You would also have to provide leadership by hiring, training, coaching junior staff members, and delivering presentations on the company’s latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

Associate Quantitative Analyst- $105k salary

 As an Associate Quantitative Analyst, your job would be to use statistics and artificial intelligence for complex tasks such as predicting stock market trends. 

A Ph.D. is required in applied mathematics or statistics and at least five years of expertise statistically evaluating data sets with quantitative models.

Senior Data Scientist, BAE- $105K salary

BAE Systems is an international company that’s always looking for talented people with experience working on cutting-edge technology interested in artificial intelligence! 

As a Senior Data Scientist, you would be in charge of developing AI models that work well and delivering presentations on those same technologies. You must have a Ph.D. to qualify for this position- no masters are necessary.

In conclusion

Artificial intelligence is the future. It will soon dominate industries worldwide. If you want to stay ahead or become an expert in that field, start paying attention now so that when jobs do open up, there’ll be no question about which direction you should take.

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