Can a college kick you out for not cleaning your room?

The answer is yes, colleges can and do kick out students for not keeping their living areas clean. In some cases, a messy room can be a sign that a student is struggling academically, emotionally or its their first time living away from home and it can be quite the adjustment.

How common is it for students to be kicked out of college for not cleaning their room?

When you think of college, what comes to mind? Studying, homework, lectures, and most importantly – dorm life. One of the many things that students have to get used to is cleaning their room. For some, this may not be a big deal but for others, it can be a challenge.

Most schools have a policy that requires students to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

 In some cases, failure to clean can be considered vandalism or disorderly conduct. If a student doesn’t have their private living space properly organized and cleaned, they may face disciplinary action from their college. Failure to do so can result in losing privileges, such as being able to have guests in their room.

According to a study “about one in five students say they’ve been asked to leave campus because of a messy living situation.” This means that out of the 1,500 students surveyed, 300 said that they had been asked to leave school because of their messy living situation. 

How do colleges typically enforce cleaning rules?

If a student lives in a college dorm, they are typically required to clean their room once a week.

How Can You Keep Your Room Clean?

Cleaning supplies are typically provided by the college, and most colleges have specific rules about what needs to be cleaned and when it needs to be done.

There are a few ways you can keep your room clean. You could try using a vacuum cleaner and dust cloth, or you could try to use the sponge technique. Basically, you should wet the sponge and then put it in your room dusting the corners and high spots. 

You will also need to take out the trash. Make sure to put all of your garbage in the designated garbage can and do not leave any trash on your floor. You could also try using a wastebasket or recycling bin. You can also try using a vacuum cleaner to clean your room on a weekly basis.

 Review Dorm Contract

 Many colleges in the United States provide a housing contract or lease agreement which specifies what students are allowed to keep in their rooms and they charge fines or remove privileges to students who violate these rules. 

All college students are given a contract to sign in which they agree to the rules and regulations of their living facilities. The contract is usually presented at move in day, but can also be sent ahead of time to the student’s home address. 

This contract dictates what a student can keep in their room and what is considered “out of bounds.” It is recommended to read this agreement carefully before signing it to ensure that you understand everything.

Most of the violations stated in contracts are punishable by law. Another thing that students should be aware of is what the fine or punishment will be if they violate this contract. 

Most housing contracts state that a student can be penalized up to one month’s rent and ordered to leave if they refuse to pay it all at once. Remember that most of these guidelines are common sense, and you should follow them by keeping a cleaning environment.

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