Can you manage a social life in college to be a doctor?

It is natural for college students to question if they can maintain a social life while pursuing a career in medicine. Some would argue that you can’t manage a social life and be successful as a doctor. These people are generalizing because there are doctors who have managed not only to maintain their social lives but also to enjoy them.

If you’re dreaming of becoming a doctor, you have an important decision to make. How are you going to manage your social life in college? You can’t let your grades slip, or you’ll suffer the consequences for years after. But it is hard to keep up with all of the work! It’s not easy juggling both schoolwork and socializing.

Is A Social Life Worth It In College?

Having a great time and getting the best grades is what college is all about, but it’s certainly not easy to do both. Most students wish they could do both. As soon as you realize that becoming a doctor might be your dream, it’s time to take your grades seriously. You do not want to spend ample years in medical school only to discover that you never had the grades required for your chosen profession.

To succeed as a medical student, one must be well-rounded and understand that life isn’t just about medicine. It’s critical to strike a good balance between school and your social life. Therefore, it is highly recommended that those who wish to become doctors maintain a healthy lifestyle and set boundaries.

Medical school is a complex undertaking that cannot be accomplished by chance. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to complete all of your courses. You won’t be able to write exams on your own all of the time, and you’ll have to study even when you’re out with friends.

Here are some suggestions for managing your social life as a college student that also wants to become a doctor:

Limit Late Nights

Whenever someone says they want to become a doctor, people immediately tell them they need to be up at 6 am and go straight to school without talking to anyone else. This is not true, but socializing too much at night can affect learning.

Make Time for Your Friends

Being a medical student requires a ton of studying and preparing for your practice rotations. Meeting friends during the weekends is important, but it’s also important you give yourself time to study. You don’t want your social life interfering with your academic performance because it will affect your future.

A Healthy Lifestyle In College

Balancing between social life and studying can be difficult; therefore, medical students need to take some time to de-stress themselves. Whether it’s reading books on the beach, taking long walks with friends, or practicing yoga, you need some self-care time now and then.

Study Groups

It is crucial to associate yourself with like-minded people who want to do better academics. Sometimes it’s good to study with friends because they motivate you when you don’t feel like studying.

Avoid Stress

Medical school is stressful, so medical students need to avoid stress. Stress can accumulate and cause you to lose focus on your studies. Instead, try taking long walks with friends or practicing yoga, which lowers stress levels in our bodies, allowing us to concentrate on our studies instead of becoming stressed.


Since medical school is such a demanding program, it is important to take breaks between studying and socializing. Overworking yourself can lead you to develop stress-related problems or burnouts. Sometimes going outside with friends and enjoying the sun can help refresh your mind for further studying.

Social Life Before Medical School

Medical school requires a person to give up their social life and sometimes even their personal life. You may need to give up some of your hobbies, but you must prioritize your social life before medical school.

The Downside Of A social life in college to be a doctor

Do you have enough time to manage schoolwork and your social life? What do you do if you miss too much class? You may find yourself missing class more often than expected because of increased studying and not attending class regularly. Missed lectures mean less time for study hall.

Missed exams and quizzes can affect your GPA and even your future. You may have too much work and not enough time to complete due to your social life. It won’t be easy to catch up if you miss too many classes, and your grades will suffer. You’ll have to ask yourself, ‘Have I got enough time to manage schoolwork and a social life?’

You need to make sure that you’re there for class because you’re interested in what’s being taught. If you want to become a doctor, then it’s up to you whether or not you want to spend your time with friends or attend class. If you’re serious about becoming a doctor, you need to be serious about your grades. If you don’t have time to manage schoolwork and social life, then you’d better make time.

You can use a time management technique that has been proven to work if you want to graduate with good grades and continue to medical school with a perfect GPA.

Some would say that you will be too busy to be a doctor, and there won’t be time for socializing. However, some doctors have many friends and still find time to get work done. In addition, this means that medical school itself isn’t necessarily the culprit for lack of socialization; it can provide a great networking opportunity. In other words, any doctor you walk into their office will likely know someone you know.

To conclude, you can have friends in college and be a doctor, because if you can do so, then it shows that attending medical school doesn’t mean you will lack in the area of socializing. In other words, doctors can manage their social lives and be successful in their careers.

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