CLASS OF 2022 (Gift Ideas For Graduation)

It’s that time of year again! The Class of 2022 is full of excitement, anticipation, and joy. Have you started thinking about what to get your friends from the class of 2022? Are they still in high school, or have they already started college?

The options for gifts are endless, and it can be difficult to know where to start. ​Here are 30 ideas for college grads to consider giving their classmates.

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Best Gift Ideas For Class Of 2022

  1. College Merch Hoodies
  2. Travel journal
  3. Passport cover page or sticker set
  4. Set of cool coasters with inspirational quotes in them
  5. Book on international travel adventures in Asia, Europe, or North America
  6. Collectible glasses.
  7. A map showing where you’ve traveled in the world
  8. A travel guide for anywhere in the world
  9. An item that will help the graduate find or keep a job, like a calendar or a journal with helpful career advice in it
  10. A personalized wall clock to put in their apartment/house when they move out on their own
  11. Letterpress notepad with motivating quotes printed on it
  12. Personalized bookmarks to have when traveling
  13. Name-tape
  14. Personalized journal with a daily prompt to start a new page when they feel inspired
  15. Necklaces or pendants in different colors and designs, made from things the graduate has collected during their travels
  16. Woodblock prints of places in the world that they have visited
  17. Personalized jewelry box with a goody in it, something they wish to carry with them in their travels
  18. Passport holder
  19. Custom map where you pinpoint different places they have been to
  20. A carry-on bag
  21. Headphones with a cord extender, because all their friends know that they’re going to lose the darn thing while traveling
  22. An item that has a personal meaning that only the two of you know about
  23. A cute phone case that matches their personality or a country’s flag they love
  24. A matching set of beautiful luggage tags for every trip they take after graduation
  25. A blanket for each of their bags
  26. A solid piece of wood with sentimental meaning, like a birthday gift they received
  27. A necklace with stones that remind them of the places they’ve visited
  28. Custom Mugs with optional pattern printing on them
  29. Photo quilt made up of photos taken during their travels, put together by hand
  30. Custom beanie hat with their favorite photo or phrase carved into it

Class Of 2022 Hoodie


In conclusion, for those graduating from high school, it’s important to be aware that as soon as you meet your classmates next year, the majority of them will also be about to move past their high school years and enter the real world.

With that in mind, it is highly recommended for college-bound students to find a connection with their classmates and start talking about what they want to do after graduation. It’s better to ask for help and advice than not ask at all.