Esports Management Degree (A Must-Have)

With esports and online gaming growth, major universities have started to offer degrees in this emerging field. The sporting goods industry is conquering the world and offers enormous potential for people with the right skills. 

The sports field is perfect for event management, communication, gameplay, coaching, and movement science. This part of the field promises to become more prominent and engaged every year.

Is Esport for gamers?

Many people incorrectly assume that an “esports” degree is only for gamers. In reality, this type of coursework can be highly beneficial to anyone who wants a career in business or media.

Specifically, you will learn about digital marketing strategy and how to cultivate key relationships with brand partners, the business side of esports, and how to create marketing campaigns.

An esports management degree can do wonders for someone who wants to work with games and gamers. Whether they want to develop games or create video content for them, a specialized program will prepare them for success in today’s tech-driven world.

Esports management degree courses can teach students everything they need to know about the industry and ensure they are prepared for any career path they choose.

With the industry rapidly growing and the demand for qualified sports management teams at an all-time high, several colleges and universities have developed courses to meet this need.

Universities That Offers Esports Management Degree

Most schools don’t offer this degree, but there are a few options for students who want to pursue it on their own:

Salem University

The program works hard to ensure that its online program is flexible and adaptable to your business life so you can pursue a sports degree without having to put off your current responsibilities for life.

Caldwell University 

The Bachelor of Science in eSports Management including Business Computer Science teaches students the skills they need in media, content creators, event managers, specialized coaches, organizational team managers, marketing managers, analysts, and more to keep up with the exploding industry.

An online course from DePaul University: This is one of the only programs in North America that offers an accredited esports management education.

Athabasca University

An online course from Athabasca University – This is another non-accredited degree program. It’s perfect for students who want to learn more about the industry without committing too much time and money or those in remote areas with limited access to physical institutions.

St Andrews University

It offers an online graduate certificate.

***The University of California, Ohio State University, and the University of Texas also offers esports management degrees.

What is an esports management degree?

Esports Management (EM) has been around for several years now, and many universities have started to embrace it. These programs primarily focused on the world of games and consumer insights, and market research.

A degree in esports management can prepare a person to deal with the game creation world. Unlike those who study computer science, they will have a better understanding of their target market and sell their ideas in ways that will appeal to them.

For students who wish to work on the internet or are interested in making videos for online gamers and game players, this type of degree might help them out. They can learn how to plan out a video series, create content that will go viral, and promote their videos on social media.

These are many benefits of earning an esports management degree. Students will also have a solid understanding of the gaming industry itself and the people who work within it. 

Students can work on games on a smaller level as part of a single team or company. In that case, they will also be prepared for success from the very beginning.

What is involved in Esports Managment Degree?

The main components of an esports management degree are Computer Science, Business Administration, and Psychology. Most people who wish to work in this industry need to be proficient in these three major areas. They need to know how a game is created, what goes into it, and gamers’ user experience when they play.

They must also understand how to make an online game into a global sensation with millions of players. 

This takes a great deal of research, creativity, and marketing skills, which these programs will provide students. Online games are an incredibly complicated industry, so much, so that entire department are dedicated to them.

Esports management jobs 

The top 9 esports management jobs are the types of opportunities that can take your career to the next level. Whether you have your project or you’re seeking a new challenge in this rapidly growing industry, these jobs are suitable for players from across the globe. 

With so many positions available in this field, it’s worth exploring different options before pursuing a substantial role in an industry like esports thrives.

1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

It is one of the top roles in any company, and the esports industry is no exception. A CMO needs to get their hands on every aspect of marketing, including social media presence and branding strategies. 

The CMO is in charge of a marketing department, so they need to be good at their job and have a clear vision of how their team can succeed.

2. Director of Esports Marketing/Brand

This type of job involves hiring specialists to develop or improve the overall brand image for the company. This role includes the director coming up with an image that can best represent business (in this case, esports). A brand director has a lot of work ahead of themselves, but they can reap the rewards later.

3. Esports Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is in charge of creating promotional activities and campaigns for the brand. These professionals are in charge of everything related to the marketing strategy for the overall success or failure of a team or business.

4. Social Media Manager

An esports manager has the task of making social media presence relevant and informative for fans so that you achieve the best possible engagement.

5. Graphic Designer/Video Editor

This type of job involves creating images, videos, or other forms of visual content regularly. A graphic designer or video editor has to be creative, have a good eye for detail, and make sure that everything is of the highest possible quality.

6. Project Manager/Coordinator

Is in charge of making the company’s goals achievable by maximizing resources and time espeically with a new project. 

These professionals work closely with other staff to ensure that the things they do are efficient and effective.  

7. Esports Community Manager

An esports community manager is an integral part of a team’s growth and reaches new heights.

 A community manager needs to interact with fans on social media and in real life and help your company’s team achieve more awareness for itself.

8. A Studio Manager

A studio manager is responsible for the right equipment in place to record or stream content efficiently.

A studio manager usually has a long-term vision for where they want to take the company. They need to work closely with the other staff members — mainly if multiple divisions operate in the same place.

9. Talent Manager

This position is particularly relevant if you’re looking to make it big in esports as a professional player. A talent manager has to recognize raw talent early on and develop that potential and recruit new talent from an early stage of their career.

These jobs will likely grow in the next few years as more young people turn to online gaming for entertainment and the industry continues to grow. 

While not many universities offer this degree right now, it’s a viable option for those who wish to further their education.

You might get training in marketing and promotions or learn how a game is created through others. However, it’s important to understand that these programs will often focus on just one gaming aspect. 

While it’s a sound option for those who want to work with games, it’s not the only one out there. There are other online marketing degrees that you might consider if you prefer a broader education and can’t or don’t want to study solely in esports management.

By 2022, the new market is anticipated to bring in $1.8 billion in revenue. Ohio State University, which has an 80-seat sports stadium and four competitive video game teams, invests even more in sports. 

The yearly showcase event emphasizes entrepreneurial education, networking, and professional advancement.

In conclusion

If you are searching for a major that will prepare you to work with gaming, one in esports management might be a perfect choice. It will give you the information and education you need to excel in this industry and get ahead of the curve.

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