Free Resources For College Students (Checklist)

Choosing to attend college is a financial investment in your future. It’s also a big decision, and you want to make sure that the resources and information available will help you succeed. Luckily for you, we’ve found some of the best resources for college students – free of charge – so you don’t have to spend all your time searching. 

Grammarly  free online tool

It is for creating error-free material, tracking changes, and improving your writing.

With Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker, it’s easy to catch any unintentional – or intentional! – mistakes in writing before they’re published. Use the Microsoft Word plugin to avoid embarrassing errors when drafting a document.

College Essay Tips 

As daunting as the college admissions essay may seem, it’s not impossible to write an excellent one. Read these tips for writing essays that will impress admission officers such as starting with advice on deciding what to write about.

College Scholarship Search – Don’t wait until your junior or senior year to start applying for scholarships. Start early on finding available money so you can afford college. This site will help by providing customized scholarship searches based on GPA, hobbies, career goals, ethnicity/race, state of residence, and more.

Student housing database 

Housing Search – Whether you’re looking for on or off-campus housing, this site can help. Enter your location and preferences to get a customized list of student housing in the area. You’ll be able to find different types (apartments, houses, etc.) along with prices and availability without having to make phone calls or spend hours going from place to place.

College Loan Calculator 

This website gives you a free analysis of your financial aid and college loan options, so you can start planning early. You’ll be able to estimate the amount of money you may have to borrow for school and how much it will cost each year: for example, tuition and fees, living expenses (including room & board), and more.

Student Loan Repayment Calculator

Wondering how much you may have to pay back after graduation? 

By using the student loan repayment calculator, you can find your current salary, the number of years until retirement, other information, and then check out what you’ll owe monthly at different interest rates.

-Resume Builder – If you’re looking for a job while in school, this site will help by providing free templates that can be customized with your personal information and work experience. You’ll also get access to sample resumes that are tailored to different careers so you know how it should look when complete!

-Career Advice – Wondering what you want to do after college? This site will help with various career advice articles – from figuring out your ideal job and salary to finding the right school for training. You’ll also get access to interview tips and resume samples, along with plenty of inspiring stories from other professionals.

Free Counseling

-Online Counseling – If you’re dealing with challenges in college or need some advice, this site will help. You’ll get access to free counseling over the internet from qualified professionals who are available through email 24/seven.

Free Lecture Group

-Your school may offer free classes or lectures via its website. Just click around to see what’s available to you.

Library Books

-Shop around for textbooks. If you are prepared to dedicate time and work, you might be able to find a cheaper one at your local used bookstore or an online site like

-First, make sure that you are getting what you pay for. 

-The library is always a great place for books, articles, classes; therefore, use it.

Attending A Community College-Transient Form

Ask your professor or instructor for a transcript or a short form. If you’re paying more because you’re getting a better education, do it. If the classes are the same, see if you can find a cheaper option at a community college or similar institution.

Community Service For Credits

-Most public colleges and universities offer discounted tuition for community service and credits. Some even offer scholarships. Look around at the university’s website for more information.

-Be sure to register early, especially during summer terms. Most colleges have online registration forms that you can fill out and submit your information. 

However, contact your professors ahead of time to make sure that they have your correct contact information. 

College Clubs & Organizations

Once you start filling out the registration form, you can zip through the rest of it pretty quickly.-Be courteous and helpful to people around you.

College clubs and organizations can help you do better. Having a friend from your class, having a small group of people studying together, and getting together at the gym for extra credit help you see your classes as an opportunity rather than burdensome.

-If you join a student organization, such as the National Honor Society or the College Business club, it can allow you to meet people who share your interests and knowledge and can help you stay motivated.

Youtube Video Resources 

Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, with over one billion users worldwide. If you are looking for handy videos to help you study for your math class, check out

One of our favorite Youtubers is a channel called “AceofSpades” or “Raison d’être,” who uploads a video every day to show his viewers things that helped him in his education. 

School ID For discount 

School ID card which can be used for free food in school in some countries, especially the USA. Free money in school or before class.

School ID Card is a card you need to be accepted in the school. It is issued by the government institution that controls the primary and secondary education system in your country/neighborhood, including providing tuition grants for middle-class students.

To access the free health care services listed, you must have some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or other formal proof of your identity. It is strongly advised to have some medical coverage in case of emergency.

In conclusion, the free resources for college students are great tools to help you get as many free advantages while juggling homework. They will also provide valuable information that can be used throughout your time in school.

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