Top 29 College Gifts For Friends

The holidays and graduation are just around the corner, and you’re stuck on what to get your college friends. You want them to actually like their present, not just pretend they do because it is graduation or the holiday season. The best thing is that everyone loves presents. So here’s our top 29 list of gifts for college students. Happy shopping! 

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Comfy Socks

This is an excellent gift idea for any college student who loves to keep their feet warm and cozy! Socks are practical and make nice accessories that can be worn around campus or even in class.

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Backpack with lots of pockets: A backpack will be a constant companion as the student navigates around campus. 

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Water bottle

College students are on the move and need something to keep up with them. A water bottle is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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College Hoodie 

This is a great gift suggestion for any college student who loves to keep warm and show off their school pride at the same time! Hoodies are perfect because they can be worn around campus or even just in their dorm room.


They can be used to decorate their laptops or even stick them on notebooks.

Themed shot glasses

This gift makes it easy to make drinking games, and they enjoy having a couple of drinks with their friends, which helps the students create memories.

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 Coffee Mug

Any coffee or tea drinker will be happy to receive this gift! Mugs are not only useful, but they are also a great way to show school spirit or their personalized interests.

Pillows and blankets 

This is a great present idea for any college student because they need these items to make their dorm room comfortable and cozy.

Tote bag

These bags will come in handy when going to class, traveling home over breaks, carrying their books around, and they can be used throughout the school year. 

Laptop bag

Laptop bags are not only practical, but they look stylish as well. This present is ideal for any college student who needs a new bag to carry around their laptop.

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They will get plenty of use from this gift because pajamas can be worn when it’s time to relax or even when they have classes if the weather gets too chilly. Comfy pajamas are also for students who love to sleep.

A planner

College students use planners to stay organized and keep track of their assignments, so this is a great gift idea. This is for any college student who needs help staying on top of their schoolwork. Having the right tool can make it much easier to manage time wisely and succeed in academics.


This is for any college student who enjoys writing or is interested in keeping a diary of their experiences while they are away at school. 

Journals make it easy to record memories down and look back through them later. Many students also love using journals to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.

Desk Led Lamp

Having the right lighting can make all of the difference when it comes to getting work done and students who need help staying focused while studying

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Desk organizer set 

College students are constantly working on projects and writing papers, which means that they will need plenty of organizational tools at their disposal. This will help them keep their desk space tidy and well-kept.


A new laptop is one of the best and daily essential gifts for college students because it will keep them connected to their dear friends and family while away at school. 

The new laptop will allow them to Skype, FaceTime, stream movies, play games online with others, and so much more. They can even use this device to write papers or submit assignments.

Phone chargers

 Phone chargers are necessary for college students because they need to keep their phones charged if someone tries to contact them.

Soap and lotion

It is one of the essential gifts you can give any college student because it’s something they will use daily. College students have lots of stress.

Gift Cards 

This is an excellent gift for college students because they can choose what to use on themselves.

Oven Toaster

This is a great suggestion for college students who like to cook. It also makes a terrific gift for college students who live off of microwavable meals because it will allow them to cook their food in healthier ways.

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It is for college students because they can make coffee or hot tea in their dorm room.

Pens and pencils

 College students need pens and pencils for pretty much everything, from taking notes to writing papers. This is a handy gift that they can use throughout college.

Apple Air Pods 

This is an amazing gift for college students who love listening to music or podcasts on their phones. It’s also beneficial because they can use it when exercising and working out at the gym.

Key chain

This is a great present idea for college students because they can store their keys and other small items.

Cell phone case 

College students need phone cases so that they don’t have to worry about shattering their screens or damaging the body of their phones. It also makes a stylish accessory, which many people enjoy having with them at all times.

Luggage tags 

College students need luggage tags in their backpacks in case they lose them. It will also ensure that they don’t lose any of their belongings while traveling.


College students have lots of exciting experiences, so they should document them somehow because it will allow them to capture their memories. 

Laundry backpack

College students won’t have access to a washing machine in their dorms. A laundry backpack is a perfect gift because it will help them keep track of any dirty clothes that they need to be washed.

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College students should have wallets to keep their money, IDs, and other important cards together and will help them stay organized.


College students can use sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They are also suitable accessories for staying fashionable.

Desk organizer set

College students are constantly working on projects and writing papers, which means that they will need plenty of organizational tools at their disposal.

In conclusion, Whether they live on or off-campus, we hope this list has given you some ideas for the perfect gift to give your college friends. From thoughtful presents to practical items, we’ve covered it all, so there’s something on here for everyone. 

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping now before those last-minute shoppers beat you to the best deals! 

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