Why do college students want to graduate school on time?

College life is stressful and demanding. Students are often left with little time to do anything else between courses, assignments, and studying for tests due to the continual pressure of exams. When they finally get a break from their work schedule, they want to spend it doing something fun.

College students are eager to graduate on time for many reasons. One is because they don’t have the money or resources to stay in school any longer than 4 years.

Another reason is the job market – if you’re graduating now, you’re one of the lucky ones! Some students take a year off and don’t go back to school until they’re ready for it.

Because they are afraid of not getting a job, the competition for jobs is intense. There are always more people graduating that want to work than companies looking to hire. This fear drives them to rush through school, which makes it harder for them to learn. As a result, their degree does not seem valuable when they graduate.

The obvious answer is that they want to get into the workforce sooner, but more than that. Grads who complete their degrees on time are better equipped for success both during and after school because of the maturity, different skills, and confidence they gain along the way.

What do employers want?

Employers look for high-quality work, not the quantity of work completed.

Employers will notice if you take the time to learn and apply what you’ve learned in school.

They will know that you are willing to try and understand concepts rather than just memorizing information. This is much more valuable than just how many credits you have.

College Students Point Of View

1. I want my degree

Over 90% of college students say they’re pursuing a graduate degree because they want a graduate degree. Getting that piece of paper is important to them, and they’re willing to work hard to earn it.

2. I have bills to pay

A little more than 80 percent of working students have bills to pay or loans to repay, so they want a degree as soon as possible to get a job and start earning money. Time is money, after all.

3. It’s time

College students know that the sooner they leave school, the faster they’ll get a job. Jacob Dearman, who works in public relations for a consulting firm, says his friends constantly push him to pursue full-time school. “People understand that it’s better to finish fast than slow down later,” he says.

4. I’m worried

College graduates face challenges in the job market, but grads who graduate on time are better equipped to handle them. Their maturity, experience, and confidence make them more attractive candidates to employers.

5. I need to advance my career

According to a poll by (SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, three out of every four practitioners believe that students who graduate on time will be more in demand in their field five years after graduation than students who take more than six years to complete their degree.

6. I’m lazy

Most college students are indeed smart, hard-working people who would do almost anything to graduate on time. It’s also true that many of them don’t feel they have to rush the process.

7. I have no choice

Going back to school is often not an option for this group because they’re already working full-time jobs and providing for their families.

8. I want a social life

Some students prioritize a social life over the traditional notion of education.” My friends think they can do whatever they want without focusing on school,” says Amanda Cantu, a junior at the University of Texas-Pan.

9. I’m not in control

For some, not knowing when they’ll graduate is frightening. “I’m scared that I won’t know when to leave school,” says Jennifer Weathers, who works in the healthcare field in San Antonio, Texas.

10. I don’t need it anymore

There are ample reasons why students may decide they no longer require a degree. For example, James Anderson, a senior at Texas A&M University’s Longview branch campus, felt he had nothing left to study after completing the required classes.

“I’ve read all of the books and passed my exams, so I don’t need this degree to get a job,” he says in an interview. “It’s more because it’ll give me some kind of validation that my hard work actually paid off.”

11. Results aren’t important

Ample students believe that getting into the workforce or even obtaining money is more important than their academics.

12. I’m not happy at my job

Many students find that they’re unhappy with their jobs once they graduate. They may feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because they need the income and security of their careers but aren’t completely satisfied.

13. I need more time to decide

While students are sure they want a graduate degree, they don’t always know what field is right.

They might not be ready to decide on a career or even know how they’ll use their degree after graduation.

14. It’s the best of both worlds

Students who are earning their degrees on time love it. “I’m getting my degree faster than most people, but I’m still able to have fun by doing my thing,” says Cindy Garcia. In Phoenix, she works full-time as a customer support agent.

Stacey Harris also loves her “in-between” status. “I’m taking time to enjoy my life, but I’m also getting my degree,” says Harris, who is pursuing a master’s degree in human resources management.

Instead of rushing to get a degree as fast as possible, try to get one with knowledge and understanding.

In class, ask questions about things you may not understand or are unsure of. If you find concepts or things difficult to understand, look up videos or other resources for help. It is also important to practice what you have been learning in class through assignments and projects.

How can I make a portfolio of my work?

Before you take the time to learn the material, figure out what knowledge and skills will be useful in the future.

This way, you’ll know what to focus on studying ahead of time and can take notes as you go. After school, make a list of everything you learned and the tasks you worked on.

Write down what you have learned and list the projects that you worked on. Finally, create a document or spreadsheet with examples of each project so your work can be viewed by those who are interested in hiring you.

What’s the best strategy to get a job?

First, make sure you are applying for jobs in the field that you want to work in. If you do not understand what the company does or how their product works, ask them beforehand.

Everything is online. Use Google extensively when researching the companies. Find their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Find out what other people think of the company on these sites. Also, try to talk to someone who works at the company if possible so you can get an idea of how it is there before deciding to work for them.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why college students want to graduate on time. It’s important for everyone, no matter what it is they’re studying, graduating on time so that you can start your career and life as soon as possible.

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