Best Online Bookkeeping Certificate Programs

Online bookkeeping certificate programs provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field without having to leave their homes. 

With the economy getting stronger, more and more opportunities for working professionals are available today. Some of these positions include accounting clerks, accountants, and bookkeepers.

Online bookkeeping certificate programs are a great way to earn an education and get into the accounting field. The online bookkeeping certificate programs are a great way to learn about the ins and outs of accounting, taxes, and customer service while still working full-time. 

Bookkeeping Is For All Types Of Students

Whether you are a college student, freelancer, entrepreneur or aspiring accountant, the online accounting course helps you improve your ability to navigate financial statements, balance sheets, payrolls, and accounting without getting into headaches. 

These 16 best online bookkeeping certificate programs will help you find the right school for your needs.

University of Texas at Austin

Certificate in Bookkeeping-This program is designed for those who are looking to make a career change. UT’s certificate will equip you with the skills necessary to be a successful bookkeeper and get your foot into the door in this exciting field.

Students can complete this program at their own pace, with hours counting towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Accounting courses cover banking systems, business transactions, settlement methods, and payroll more than short courses. 

University of Washington Tacoma – Accounting Technology Certificate with Concentration in Bookkeeping

This program is for students considering a career as an accountant and a bookkeeper to understand better how payroll works and the basics of accounting, from taxes to financial statements.

Bryant and Stratton College – Certificate in Accounting 

Technology with Concentration in Bookkeeping

Bryant and Stratton’s accounting program helps you understand how financial statements are used to make important business decisions.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bookkeeping Certificate Program

This program is intended for making a career change from another profession or trade into accounting.

University of Pennsylvania 

The Wharton School offers online certificate programs in bookkeeping and accounting, among other business programs that fit into your busy schedule. 

The certificate program concentrates on maintaining books and creating financial statements and auditing, financial accounting, and information systems. 

Graduates will also have the edge over students who have only a college degree or have not taken any classes in this field. 

In fact, the certificate program is designed to give credit to students who have already completed the undergraduate courses. If you already have Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, you can also get credit for these courses.

In general, students will spend about 12 months working through their studies and another three months on additional exercises and projects.

Capella University

Capella offers online bookkeeping courses in partnership with Career Step. These programs provide students with the teaching skills they need to set up the right systems for efficiently managing financial transactions. 

Students will learn how to manage taxes and payroll issues while improving their overall ability to handle financial transactions for companies. 

Students will learn how to use the online bookkeeping software. They will also learn skills they need for their careers and how to create and customize online bookkeeping software, and also gain the skills they need to move forward in their careers.

Capella University also offers other Online Degree Programs To Help You Gain The Skills You Need Fast.

University of Phoenix 

This school offers a Bookkeeping Certificate through the College for Financial Planning.

The certificate can be completed in 16 weeks and includes courses on accounting basics, small business management, cash flow analysis, payroll tax preparation, and more.

Penn State University – Certificate in Accounting

Penn State’s certificate program is designed for those who are not yet ready to commit to a four-year degree so that students learn the basics of accounting and its importance.

New Hampshire University of Technology – Bookkeeping Certificate

It is for students with little or no bookkeeping experience, provides a broad overview of the principles, methods, and software applicable to standard financial record-keeping functions. 

Penn Foster College

Business and Technology, Master’s of Accountancy (M.A.), Certificate Program for Internal Auditors; School of Business and Technology – Online Courses in Accounting Programs & Computer Information Systems Certificates

University of Maryland University College

This school offers an online course in bookkeeping that can be completed at one’s own pace and includes courses on accounting, computer applications, payroll tax, and more. The program is offered through the School of Professional Studies, which has many other certificate options.

Saint Joseph’s College

This school offers an online bookkeeping certificate which includes courses on the fundamentals of accounting, business law and ethics, payroll tax preparation, and more. Students can complete this program at their own pace, with hours counting towards a degree in accountancy or MBA.

Lane Community College

This school offers a certificate in bookkeeping and accounting, which is offered fully online with courses that include financial statements, operations management, payroll tax preparation, and more. 

The bookkeeping certificate can be completed within five semesters. It is estimated to cost $1400 for tuition and books, and materials.

Columbia College

This school offers an online bookkeeping program with an Accounting for Small Business certificate that includes accounting basics, financial statements analysis, payroll tax preparation, and more. 

Students can complete this program at their own pace, with hours counting towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance. The cost is $352 per credit hour for tuition as well as books and materials.


The cost of a certificate for one year is approximately $20,000.

Aveda University 

This school offers an online bookkeeping certificate which includes courses on accounting basics, payroll tax preparation, computer applications, and more. Students can complete this program at their own pace, with hours counting towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Lamar University

This school offers an online bookkeeping certificate which includes courses on accounting basics, payroll tax preparation, computer applications, and more. 

Students can complete this program at their own pace, with hours counting towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Accounting Courses, you will learn about the role of an accountant as a specialist in the accounting department and prepare for the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) examination.

The Accounting Certificate for Accountants and Office Accountants at Harper’s ACBSP-accredited Business School is a flexible online accounting certificate consisting of eight 16-week sessions.

The Alison Online Learning Center offers great courses in hundreds of training categories, from the arts and sciences to business. These courses are taught by accounting professionals, known as Workplace Job Training Level 1.

Tips on deciding if an Online Bookkeeping Degree Program is Best for You

One of the reasons people choose an online university for their degree is that they can work full time and still meet their coursework goals. 

Online universities offer students flexibility in their studies, so you can get the knowledge you need for your career without quitting your current job.

Plus, many of the online schools offer classes in the evenings and weekends so you can choose when you want to study. 

It provides you a lot of scheduling flexibility as well as independence from classroom instruction. By taking classes at home or your own pace, you’ll be able to interact with professors and other students in a classroom setting, just like on-campus programs.

When you’re trying to choose the right school, the first thing you’ll want to think about is your schedule and whether or not online classes will fit with your current workload. 

The next thing you’ll want to do is see if the online bookkeeping degree fits into your budget. It will help you decide which program fits into your plans and help you earn a certificate that helps advance your career path.

-Do not worry about finding your next job. Search for a program that works with your schedule and the budget you have, and that will allow you to set your own degree pace.

Do not limit yourself to one specific program. Many online degrees will fit your needs.

-You can be a bookkeeping professional quickly by applying this knowledge to other areas of your life. 

These schools provide students with many benefits, such as access to professors who specialize in teaching new skills like Quickbooks training and learning how to use Excel while studying for their coursework.

Are bookkeepers in demand?

Today, bookkeepers are in high demand. Many companies are finding that they cannot handle all of the bookkeeping tasks that are required. As a result, they are looking to outsource these tasks to others who can help them.

In addition, bookkeeping is also becoming more visible to the public as a career. In the past, it was known only to accountants and business owners. But now, more people realize how versatile and profitable this career can be.

In the past, bookkeepers used to work with accountants who would create the record of everyone’s financial transactions. Although bookkeepers still work closely with accountants, they are now more independent and have a portfolio of clients.

In Conclusion

 If you are searching for ways to expand your knowledge on this subject matter and as a professional, online accounting certificate programs are the perfect solution.

 With so many alternatives out there for completing these types of courses, it’s vital that prospective students carefully consider which program is right for them before they enroll.


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