Masters In Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (In USA)

With the rise of AI, many graduate programs are popping up all over. Artificial Intelligence technologies are moving exponentially, but it remains difficult for those outsides of the tech world to know the hottest innovation and trends.

These graduate universities have been at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in these areas, which have specialized either more broadly or deeply into one specific in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.  

The schools on this list have unmatched reputations as they produce graduates sought after by industry leaders across the globe. 

We will outline some of the world’s leading graduate programs in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

 UC Berkeley

They produce some of the best students at all times, whether they are from or outside California. 

Their outstanding faculty and staff have won prestigious awards due to their expertise and professionalism when you visit their website. 

They have a solid focus on sound management practices and what matters to every student, giving them first-class facilities and infrastructure.

They have a solid reputation for their research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at all times.

 Website UC Berkeley School of Information

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Carnegie Mellon University

There are varieties of top colleges and universities which produce some of the best students in the world. But when it comes to AI and robotics, we all know who stands out. 

If you are a student here, you can rest assured that you will be getting one of the best education possible in these fields.

Their faculty is known for its vast knowledge and experience in these areas. They also have some top-level research going on here. 

Website Master’s in Robotic Systems Development | Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth has a strong history in research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. 

It produces some excellent students who have become some of the best innovators in the world. So if you are looking for an education that will set you up for sure, then this is one place we recommend you check out. 


University of Michigan

This is one of the best universities to get your graduate degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

It has a robust research program over these areas, with a constant flow of funding for research. It has also produced innovative students who have made a big difference in their respective fields, academia or otherwise.

website Michigan Robotics | University of Michigan (

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is considered one of the top places for computer science education worldwide. Its faculty is excellent at what they do. So are its students and their ability to tackle complex problems both in technology and academics. 

They are also known for their research and teaching excellence here over many years now. If you want to study and work in this area, MIT is one place that should be on your list.

Website Robotics Groups at MIT (listed by Principal Investigator) | Robotics @ MIT

University of Washington

University of Washington has several outstanding programs over various disciplines, covering everything from medicine to law and even business management. 

They are known for their consistent quality in all these areas over many years now. They are also solid when it comes to research in both AI and robotics-based technologies. 

The prestigious institution has several professors who are some of the country’s best minds. They will teach you things that no one else can in the technology world.

Website Mechatronics and Robotics | Mechanical Engineering (

University of Maryland

University of Maryland has a rich history as one of the top places to study and research in many fields, including robotics. 

Their faculty is excellent at what they do, and the research work happening here is also known to be very good.

They have a lot going on here in terms of research, particularly when it comes to modeling and simulation along with robot technology. 


Northwestern University

Northwestern holds an excellent reputation when it comes to leading academics in AI and robotics. 

They have produced some intelligent students over several years, and there is no doubt that they will excel in these fields. 

This is one place you should be looking at if you want to study Artificial Intelligence – They are known for their cutting edge work in these areas.

Website MSR Program Guide (

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology graduated many high-caliber students over the past few years, particularly in artificial intelligence and robotics. 

These students have made a remarkable difference in the world, both in academia and otherwise. They are known for their research and teaching excellence, both in the field of AI and Robotics.

Website M.S. In Robotics Program | Research (

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh has some really top-notch courses that also teach how to work with AI-related technologies effectively. Their faculty is excellent at what they do. 

Website Degrees | Intelligent Systems Program | University of Pittsburgh

Stanford University – Masters in robotics and artificial intelligence 

They focus on collaboration between faculties, and they are known for their research in these areas for many years.

If you want to be associated with some great minds here in this area, this is one university you should be looking at for your career path.

Website Robotics and Autonomous Systems Graduate Program | Stanford Online

Rice University – Master’s in robotics and artificial intelligence 

Rice University is offering a program for those interested in entering the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. 

The Master’s degree at Rice’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences offers specialization courses from other departments, including mathematics, physics, engineering science/ materials sciences (MSE), computer science (CS), or statistics.

Rice offers students an opportunity to study one on one with professors who are experts in their field. Also, they have access to state-of-the-art labs dedicated to their area without being limited by undergraduate coursework. 

The undergraduate courses requirements such as Physics 101 or Calculus III may not always apply directly to future studies involving advanced levels of math like vector calculus and linear algebra.

website Robotics | Computer Science | Rice University

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – Masters in robotics and artificial intelligence 

Caltech offers a program for those who want to learn more about robotics and artificial intelligence.

It focuses on the latest technologies in these areas, providing you with hands-on experience through course projects that include building your robot or app.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is offers an MFA degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence which will focus on bringing education up to date by teaching students how to implement advanced technology into their work environment. 

Students enrolled as part of this curriculum are encouraged not only to take courses but also to participate side-by-side with industry professionals during class time, so they have to access firsthand knowledge from people currently working full-time jobs related to AI/robotics.

Website Caltech Computing + Mathematical Sciences

Purdue University – Masters in robotics and artificial intelligence 

Purdue University Masters in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence program is a new initiative that offers two majors: robotics engineering or artificial intelligence.

The STEM-intensive institution has worked with the Toyota Research Institute to develop intelligent mobility technologies for self-driving cars.

website Robotics Engineering Technology Degree | Purdue University

In Conclusion

Now you know more about what an AI master’s degree entails! Artificial Intelligence Masters Degrees can be one of the best ways to prepare yourself for success in advancing your career.

The best way to find a graduate program is by doing your research. We hope this list of AI Graduate Programs helps you narrow down the search for schools that offer courses in Artificial Intelligence and related topics.

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